Speciality Biomaterials & Hemostasis Technology




· A synthetic implant material, made from biodegradable polymers

· Immediate bone hemostasis by acting as a mechanical barrier

· Dissolves and is excreted completely from the animal body 

Benefits of Vetiwax™

· No inhibition of bone regeneration

· No contain of animal products or beeswax: avoids the inflammation associated with beeswax

· Vetiwax works by creating a mechanical barrier to stop bleeding during the operating procedure. 

· It then simply dissolves and is completely excreted from the body ; Vetiwax dissolves completely from the site of application typically within 48 hours. 

· This means that there is nothing left of the hemostat to inhibit bone healing or to act as a nidus for infection.

How to use

It requires no mixing and is used straight from its sterile foil packet. Simply warm by kneading in the sterile gloved hand and then apply by pressing into the bone.

It should be applied to a thickness of 1 to 2 mm.

Ordering information

· Vetiwax™ is available in 2 sizes : a 2.5g bar for general surgery and a 4g bar suitable for major bone surfaces. 

· It is supplied in boxes of 12 bars (2.5g) or 10 bars (4g).

· Veti-WaxTM may be used on all bleeding from bone surface.

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VW-W-010404g bar10