Vision & Mission

Speciality Biomaterials & Hemostasis Technology


  • Creation of values through innovative technology
  • Realization of biomedical business value


  • Development of cutting-edge biomedical technology
  • Structure of business competence


  • Commercialization & globalization of advanced topical hemostat

Well-organized Working members

  • Specialized in biomaterials, and biomedical engineering
  • Solid experiences in biomedical / pharmaceutical industries

Unique & Advanced Technology

  • Advanced biopolymer modification / formulation technology
  • Platform technology embodied in biocompatible / biodegradable polymer

Promising Profitability

  • Well-established market; Topical hemostat for human and Styptic products for pet animal
  • GAGR app .9% and 18% for each product segment

Long-term Sustainability

  • Scalability of the technique to biomedical / pharmaceuticals
  • Going for cutting-edge biomedical technology → Artificial organs and Tissue engineering