Styptic Hemostat for Pet Animal

Speciality Biomaterials & Hemostasis Technology

What is Styptic Hemostat?

■ A handy tool and pet first aid kit for pet owners available online or via local pet supply store, in grooming and care section

■ Basic functions

- It stop bleeding by promoting clotting

- Some varieties contain topical pain relieving agent and antimicrobial to prevent infection

■ Applications involving bleeding due to

- Nail clipping, tail docking,

- wing clipping, beak trimming,

- minor superficial cuts and incisions

<Bleeding in nail trimming>

Mechanism of Styptic Hemostat

■ Hemostasis by contracting blood vessels, vasoconstriction

■ Occlusion of vessels via protein coagulation and precipitation through the dual action of its acidity and the oxidizing capacity of its subsulfate group