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Speciality Biomaterials & Hemostasis Technology



Theracion Biomedical Corp., outstanding research group in the field of biomaterial based medical device, has concentrated its in-house technology of biocompatible / biodegradable polymeric biomaterial.

Such biomaterial platform technology of Theracion Biomedical Corp. is integrated with drug delivery system(DDS) and/or biological dimension to develop cutting-edge medical devices converged with pharmaceuticals and tissue engineering.

Theracion Biomedical is certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Biomedical Solutions induced by Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Systems



May.  Approval of product license on styptic powder, AniClot™-P, by KQIA

May.  Approval of manufacturing license on medical device for animal by KQIAc

Apr.  Certification of ISO 9001:2008/ KS Q ISO 9001:2009

Mar.  KFDA approval of manufacturing license on medical device


Dec.  Research project funded by KSMBAb 

Sep.  Establishment of company-annexed institute

Jun.  Accreditation of Venture Company by KIBOa 

Jun.  Establishment of Theracion Biomedical Co. Ltd

aKIBO: Korea technology finance corporation

bKSMBA: Korean small and medium business Administration 

cKQIA: Korean Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency

 Our Technology

Research & Development


What is Styptic Hemostat?

■ A handy tool and pet first aid kit for pet owners available online or via local pet supply store, in grooming and care section

■ Basic functions

- It stop bleeding by promoting clotting

- Some varieties contain topical pain relieving agent and antimicrobial to prevent infection

■ Applications involving bleeding due to

- Nail clipping, tail docking,

- wing clipping, beak trimming,

- minor superficial cuts and incisions

<Bleeding in nail trimming>

Mechanism of Styptic Hemostat

■ Hemostasis by contracting blood vessels, vasoconstriction

■ Occlusion of vessels via protein coagulation and precipitation through the dual action of its acidity and the oxidizing capacity of its subsulfate group