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Plaque-Free anti-plaque powder

3 Values of Plaque-Free ™

Feed powder material for dental care and hygiene of your pets by preventing plaque build-up and keeping their breath fresh.

Removal and prevention of plaque and tartar build-up

When ingested, the ingredients are absorbed into bloodstream, which makes its way into the saliva, giving it the ability to soften and breakdown plaque and to prevent more from forming.

Keep your pets breath fresh

Reduce bad breath and oral bacterial build-up.

100% natural & safe compositions

A safe and effective herbal remedy made with 100% natural ingredients of food grade.

Easy to use

No more stressful teeth brushing.

Simply add to your pets meal once daily.


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Evaluation Test of the Removal of Dental Calculus by Plaque-Free

Reduction rate of dental calculus (Plaque Free™ vs other commercial products)

Directions and Composition

  • Simply mix the powder into the daily feed
  • Store in a cool place away from sunlight
  • Please allow up to 4weeks usage for optimal results
Seaweed blend, parsley, citrus unshiu extract
Crude protein 17.9%, crude fiber  5.5%, crude ash 23%, crude fat 0.9%, moisture 5.6%
Cat's & Small dogs < 10Kg1 scoop
Medium dogs 10Kg~35Kg1~2 scoops
Large dogs > 35kg2~3 scoops