AniClot Animal Styptic

Speciality Biomaterials & Hemostasis Technology

AniClot Animal Styptic

3 Values of AniClot

·  Application of hemostasis technology for Human

·  Optimized formulation based on Biomaterial technology

·  Excellent efficacy and improved safety

Safety and Efficacy

·  Biomaterial- based formulation

·  Immediate and effective efficacy confirmed by clinical trials

·  No skin irritation assured by GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) test authority

·  Inhibition of 2nd infection or pain relieving at the bleeding site

Product Quality

·  Highly purified and EP grade ingredients

·  ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems

·  Manufactured in a cleanroom-facility


·  Price Competitiveness

·  Technical distinction

·  Excellent efficacy and safety

·  Diverse type of the products; powder, gel and pads


·  Market growth trend

·  Not many competitor

·  Diverse marketing routes; animal hospital, pet shop, large retail stores and online shopping mall.