Hemostatic Dressing

What are SanguiXil

  • SanguiXil  Hemostatic Dressing is kaolin-based gauze products.
  • The active ingredient, kaolin, is impregnated onto the non-woven gauze for easy and familiar application.

SanguiXil Hemostatic Dressing is

  • A sterile, white, non-woven hemostatic gauze based kaolin.
  • Used to stop bleeding immediately.


  • Familiar and easy to use format.
  • Conforms readily to wound site.


  • No shellfish, human or animal proteins.
  • Low-to-no risk of adverse reactions.


  • Promotes clotting within minutes of application.
  • Stops bleeding faster than standard gauze.

Where SanguiXil be used on the wound?

  • SanguiXil is indicated for external use only and non-absorbable.
  • Veticlot is used single only.

How to use

Immediate Hemostasis

  • Immediate hemostasis was 100% within 85 seconds treated with SanguiXil It is better compared to other hemostatic dressing products.


What is the active ingredient in SanguiXil Hemostatic Dressing?

  • The active ingredient found in the newest generation of Veticlot is a naturally occurring inorganic mineral called kaolin, which has been known for more than half a century.
  • Kaolin is safe and inorganic mineral. There are no known contraindications and low to no risk of allergic reactions.

How easy are SanguiXil to remove?

  • SanguiXil  is easy to remove. If Veticlot is adhered to the wound, hydrate prior to removal. Gently remove Veticlot from the wound and thoroughly irrigate.

Blood Coagulation Cascade

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