Tableau Wax®

Biodegradable bone hemostasis material 

What is Tableau Wax 

  • Immediate control of bleeding from bone surfaces by functioning as a mechanical barrier.
  • A sterile mixture of bio-absorbable synthetic copolymers.
  • Soft, easy to form and apply.

What are its benefits?

  • No inhibition of bone healing and normal osteogenesis due to its bioabsorption.
  • No beeswax compositions which induce a inhibition of osteogenesis on the defect site.
  • To avoid the inflammation with bees wax.
  • Tableau wax dissolves completely from the site of application within 4 to 48 hours and then completely excreted from the body which means that there is nothing left of the hemostat to inhibit bone healing or induce inflammation.

How to use 

  • Tableau wax is very easy to apply and requires no mixing.
  • Simply warm by kneading in the dry , sterile gloved hand and then apply by pressing into the bone. It should be applied to a thickness of 1 to 2 mm.

Evidence from in vivo study

  • Rat calvaria defect model (SD rats, Male, Total n=108)
  • Immediate hemostasis was achieved within 10 sec. after application as opposed to the control (p<0.05)
Tableau Wax®Bone Wax
  • Bioabsorption: No observation on the site after 3 days of application but bone wax remained in the defect until 12 weeks (p<0.01)
  • Bone healing: significantly more quantitative osteogenesis than the bone wax group (p<0.01)

  • Histological analysis: bones that grow inside the defect margins of Tableau wax show osteoblast activity (black arrow) with well-mineralized bones (pink area) using H&E stain.

Reference: Effects of poly (ethylene glycol-propylene glycol) copolymer on hemostasis and osteogenesis in a rat calvarial defect model, Korean. J Vet Res (2020) 60(3):145~153