About Theracion Biomedical

Specialty Biomaterials and Biosurgery


  • Topical hemostats
  • Soft tissue reinforcement products
  • Surgical sealants and adhesives


  • Best options for animal healthcare
  • Pets are family too
  • You are not alone with pets

Since the company’s inception in 2016, Theracion Biomedical Corp.,

An outstanding research group in the field of biomaterials has concentrated its in-house technology of biosurgery. Theracion Biomedical’s mission is to restore patients’ health and quality of life by delivering innovative technologies.  

Theracion Biomedical is a specialized medical device company, providing a full-lineup of topical hemostats, surgical sealants and adhesives, and Soft tissue reinforcement products, and state-of-the-art biomaterial technology with perspectives in biosurgery. 

Additionally, under perspectives in animal healthcare, the best options for animal healthcare provide unique products for veterinarians, customers, and pet breeders.

Theracion Biomedical has four features as followings.

Well-organized Working members

  • Specialty in biomaterials, and biomedical engineering
  • Solid experience in biomedical / pharmaceutical industries

Unique & Advanced Technology

  • Platform technology embodied in biocompatible polymers
  • Multi-disciplinary products through open innovation

Business with Promising Profitability

  • Well-established market for Biosurgery
  • One of the fast growing industry fields for animal (Pet) healthcare

Long-term Sustainability

  • Scalability of biomaterial technology
  • Convergence study with pharmaceutical and cutting-edge biomedical engineering, for example, DDS(drug delivery systems), tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine.


Leading biosurgery solution provider


A commitment to innovate
global standard solution



Customer Focused

  • Listen and understand the needs of the customers
  • Build long-term customer relationships


  • The innovations generate “moments of the truth” which set apart from the competition

Guaranteed Performance

  • Be the very best and therefore work with commitment, responsibility, and passion to achieve the best results


  • Honor the work of others and mutual success
  • Involve others in problem solving

Inspires Others

  • Set a clear vision of where we are going
  • Values different prospectives and ideas to foster inclusion


  • Work in an open manner, share information with others to get the job done