R&D Projects

Specialty Biomaterials and Biosurgery

R&D Projects

Topical Hemostats

It refers to a topical hemostatic agent that is additionally used to stop bleeding on the blood vessels and tissues during surgery by conventional methods such as suturing and electrical cauterization. From simple oozing to moderate bleeding, various types of hemostatic agents can be used depending on the degree of bleeding. 

Soft-Tissue Reinforcement Products

Soft-tissue reinforcement products using biomaterials with excellent biocompatibility and bio-absorption are under developing.

Sheet or mesh-type materials are used to reinforce soft tissue for a wide range of plastic and reconstructive procedures.

Our company is developing products using technologies based on biomaterials and sheet and mesh manufacturing technologies.

Surgical Sealants and Adhesives

Wound leakage is a common complication after surgical incision or resection. A variety of surgical sealant devices have been used as an adjunct or alternative to conventional means such as sutures and surgical staples to seal tissues and prevent leaks of fluid and air. We are developing surgical adhesives and sealants using biocompatible and absorbable biomaterials.